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butterfly kisses

Just found this thread – and oh what I’ve missed! I’m sorry I’m just now in on the drama!

Iain – you are stirring the pot – and it’s getting hot in here! I always wrote poetry for myself, to think things through, to feel better, get the hurt out, but as I started sharing, it felt good. And other people’s hurt came and they felt better and it become more than what it was. I’ve written two novels, started many others I didn’t finish, so I always saw my poetry as ‘less than’ but not anymore. It is its own body of work and no less than the rest. I’m proud to say ‘poet’ when I put a name to myself now. I write, therefore I bleed the words, in whatever form they seek.

Linda – good question – one I have put a lot of thought into lately. Isn’t a good poem, one that reaches down deep, just as important as a favorite song, a guitar run, a piece of life? I think that’s what we love, why we can’t help but write. Poetry is a part of us, a part we can’t help but share. And that is what we do. I’m going to the blog you mentioned – they’re going to get a little talking to from a southern girl – which is a completely different genre – but highly effective especially when said southern girl is all riled up about something!