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Patti and Iain – you guys had better cut me in on that happy hour. I’ll bring the tequila. 😉

Iain, you are a genius and I will study at your feet. 🙂 I love reading your poems. They were always the first ones that I said to my husband, “Listen to this! You have to hear what was written on the PAD challenge today!” Although there were many others that I shared as well. (And you are an arrogant @#$%^&* as well, but I love it!)

My biggest challenge in writing is that I am a perfectionist and no matter what others tell me about my writing, I always feel that I could do better, that I could revise one more word (poetry or prose) and that it could be better. This is the main reason that all of my myriad half-finished novels lay around languishing. I dread finishing what I consider to be drivel after a few hundred pages, but then the first half of this year has been all about me learning to write, write, write and then let my inner editor have a go and not the other way around.