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Wow, these postings are thought provoking! No matter if one is published, not published, proficient, not proficient, it would seem that poetry “simply” (not simple to do!) cuts to the chase. For me, writing fiction (or non-fiction, in terms of a novel), is kind of like the human body, with all of its inner and outer bits, parts, and pieces, where poetry is the soul. It’s very difficult to get that kind of writing right…not that there is really any wrong way to do it. It’s in the trying to hit the nail squarely on the head that makes it damned difficult to perfect. Here’s the other thing…like food, not everyone enjoys the same flavors. So one person may adore poem A where another person may think it’s dreadful. It’s all very complicated. I would adore getting published one day, but in the meantime, I write what I am feeling at the time that I am writing and it is for me. I pour my soul into the words that don’t do it justice sometimes, because our language just doesn’t cover it all. It’s kind of like all of the postings…we are all loving, caring people who want to share our points of view and to make a point. When it comes to putting it all into words, the words flow differently for each one of us…thank God! Otherwise, wouldn’t it be just too boring?!?! It’s what makes it fun and what makes us all learn from one another. I will now step off my soapbox and let this baby fly. LindaTK