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Hey, Patti….you go, girl! Go get ’em! (Actually, I don’t think he meant any offense. I think he was just trying to understand poetry or wondering why he doesn’t understand poetry. We won’t hold it against him, will we? What can we expect. He’s a lawyer :- )

And you’re right, a good poem does reach down deep. Some times I wonder if the people who don’t understand poetry and less feeling than those who do. Then I realize that isn’t true, because my husband does not like free verse and doesn’t always (or rather usually doesn’t ) understand poetry. I showed him a few in the challenge and said, Wow, if I could write like that…and he said, what’s so great about it. But if he doesn’t know the answer to that what is the point in explaining. You feel it or you don’t. Maybe there is a poetry section in the brain and some people are just deficient.

And you’Re also right about your poetry not being “less than” your other work. All written words which touch someone are valid, important, and wonderful.

Keep writing! You know I am a fan 🙂