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Angel I was hopeing you would say that you liked it the way it was, thank you. J, thank you as well and you better start punching away at that keyboard and writing and submiting more poems on here for me to read. You know I love your work!!! My Texas friend, ” Be A Simple, Kind of Man “, that song came to mind when reading your comment about being a good old country boy, as I am also a good old country girl and actually about to go outside in another hour and feed a very big back yard full of chickens, so I understand you in that since and thank you for the Hindui suggestions. Even though I am a country girl I still have this, and always have , had a different way of thinking about things and I think has a lot to do with good and mostly bad events that took place for me throughout my highschool years up until I got pregnant with my son , Blade. Thank you again and I will look into it!!!