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I like the intent of this poem, Tera.

Whether you realize it or not, you are actually addressing the basic tenants of Taoism in this poem….with a smattering of Hindu beliefs.

I suggest that you you read what’s written at:

This will give you a general idea of how Taoist’s think. (I’m not a Taoist….just an old country boy Catholic.)

Taoist also believe that true beauty cannot be described in words. (So Tera, there are no words to describe you.)

I also suggest that you take about 15 minutes or so to search the Internet for Hindu beliefs regarding the purpose of existence.

I’m only advocating this as a source of inspiration for future poems.

You might also take a T. S. Eliot spin on your couplets.

For instance you wrote:

“If a word could describe me as a writer or poet
generic would do better instead of the better brand name of it”

and write in this fashion:

“Generic genius, label me,
for I do not hear, if you call me
by another name.”

Just a thought….trying to exercise another style of writing.

Keep writing, kiddo.

TexasPoet 🙂