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There are many books that have been written by inspiration of RPGs. I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in 1982. A myriad of Role Playing games came out in the 80s and early ninties, covering most genres. I Game Mastered and Played for years. Those games and of course books inspired me to be a story telller. I learned a lot by playing and also GMing; However, I have not played in about 4 years and have not game mastered in probably 12 years.

Whitewolf makes a series of pencil and paper RPGs including: Vampire the Masqurade. The story telling aspect of those games is very pronounced and character driven. I wrote several short stories based upon copious notes I took while GMing, unfortunately they were all lost during my divorce.

Pencil and Paper Role Playing does not enjoy the favor it once had due to the improvements in video games. There are still people who play though, mostly old timers like me. is a good place to hook up with a group and game. I just joined a group recently (last week) and I plan to participate once I finish this semester. 

Just some side notes: I met and spoke for over an hour with Gary Gygax at RPG convention. He was a really nice guy — he is dead now. Additionally, D&D and role playing games in general got a bad rep in the some religious circles which contributed to both the popularity and decline.  A novel Mazes and Monsters sort of capitalized on some of the contraversy of Dungeons and Dragons.