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First, I want to start by saying thanks your feedback is very important to me and it really helps. I have done a lot of reading on query letters and even used some of the links suggested. Far as the title, I read to have it in CAPS. In addition, they say try to become personal with the agent by mentioning books and authors they have worked with in the past. I plan to do my homework on each agent that I query, so the beginning statement may change per letter depends on what his or her submission requirements state. I have changed it again I am trying to be more clear, but it is a twisted story with a lot of turns so it’s really hard for me to fit everything into one paragraph.

STICKY SITUATIONS: Dana Cunningham is very savvy in the business world, but she’s desperate for love in her personal one. She thinks she has met her soul mate when she becomes involved with Terrell. However, when she finds out he is still married to his estranged wife and that she is attempting to rekindle their flame. Dana becomes enraged with jealously and insecurity. Trying to maintain her relationship, she relies on her best friend Angie for guidance and advice. Since Angie has been happily married for 10 years to Terrell’s best friend, Dana felt she could offer helpful inside information on ways to win Terrell’s love. When Dana meets an enigmatic man after she is brutally attacked he makes her realize, that Angie has her own agenda and her Terrell is not the man she thought he was.