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dlsns1995 – 2008-06-02 9:43 PM

Ok here I go again. I have read all the articles suggested and changed a lot. Please review and let me know if I should go back yet again to the drawing board.


I chose to submit my 80,000 word romance novel STICKY SITUATIONS to you because it is similar to by , and I think my work will suit similar readers. It might be my being picky, but I hate it when writers compare or say their manuscripts are similar to others. And I also think you shouldn’t tell the agent that you think it’ll suit similar readres .The agent will determine that himself. And I probably would bring this at the bottom just so you can catch the agent’s attention in a heartbeat.

STICKY SITUATIONS is set in the suburbs of Chicago. Four friends become engulfed in a maze of secrets and betrayal. When things(What things?) start to unravel, pandemonium penetrates their friendships, relationships are ruined, and lives are put in danger. When Dana is subjected to a brutal attack, she relies on the support of her friends. She finds out quickly they aren’t the friends she thought they were. During one of their gatherings secrets are revealed and lives are broken. Will keeping up with the secrets and lies become more than their friendships can endure? (I think you should elaborate on what “mischeif” they get in it keep up with the secrets and lies.)

I’d be happy to send you the first three chapters or the complete copy of the manuscript for your review. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you