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LilliesCarol – 2008-11-14 12:57 PM


your recipe sounds great and you seem to cook like I do.  Improv!

It’s too bad others have not responded.  Yesterday, I made Christmas stolen, which was my grandmother’s recipe. Because it is made with yeast, it takes the entire day to make, but well worth the while.  I got eight stolens, which I freeze and give as Christmas presents.


Is that like those “wreath-looking” loaves of bread?  Why is it called a stolen anyway?  Do you know?  I love homemade bread, but I can’t do anything that involves yeast.  My husband is the bread maker in the family – he makes these yummy pecan sticky rolls every Christmas, and if I’m sweet enough sometimes he’ll make sourdough for me, which I absolutely love.

Gosh, I’m hungry!