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@Yorwick wrote:

I am in dire need of advice from someone more experienced in the oublishing world than myself. I have been querying my YA SF novel for over a year (mostly to agents) and despite a number of full and partial requests have received no offers of representation. Recently however, I have recieved offers of publication from several small presses. One of the agents I queried a while ago has a 25% partial of the manuscript and has recently confirmed that it is still under consideration. I believe that courtesy demands I inform her of the offers, but I am not sure how to do this correctly, without making her feel like I am pushing her. Has anyone here been in this situation? Any thoughts or advice would be enormously appreciated! 🙂

Did you query these small presses? Anyway, when several agent turn down a novel after reader a partial or a full, something is almost certainly wrong with that novel. It needs work. Did the agents tell you why they turned it down?