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abqwriter – 2007-10-31 9:29 PM

KarenRankowitz – 2007-10-31 6:25 PM

I think it’s more about taking the tough things and getting a skin that would make any beach bum proud.

i like tough, brutal critique…I’m a glutton for punishment.

You’re right.  When you started here, that’s what you got.  Some very harsh realities which you took like a trooper and turned them to your favor.  A lot of us have done the same.

The difference is that this person was telling people they ought not be writing at all, that their work was such garbage that it wasn’t worth the effort.  If someone wants to write and wants to improve, telling them they are a hopeless case isn’t a brutal truth; it’s just inappropriate.  No one has the right to decide whether someone else is a hopeless case or to destroy their dream before that person is willing to let it go themselves.

When I read a few critiques that were cruel, I was motivated to post.  I asked myself if I would have stayed around the forum and learned anything that helped me improve if that was my first introduction.  The answer was a resounding no.  There’d be no point in staying around, because there’d be no help to become better.  My motivation in starting the thread was for those people – to let them know that those kinds of critiques were an aberration and not the norm.

I’m not knocking tough critiques at all.  They’re usually the most useful of all.

And I so agree, cruel critites are not about writing, but more about self-fulfilling egotism.

Thinking their way is the best avenue.

If I had any words of advice, I’d tell all new posters, and even those who have gone the routes of harsh critique to take what is important to your story and forget the rest.

If you can handle harsh crititue then say so, if not, then say that too.