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I may be doing myself a disservice and my book an even bigger one, but I am aiming small for a reason. I’m actually extremely nervous about publishing or even trying to publish my novels. I’ll submit my short stories all day long and not care a bit. I’m not going for fast, but I’m daunted by the “big boys”. I’m worried about the professional quality of my work because of my education. I’m not a bit ashamed to tell someone that I only have a tenth grade education, but most big publishing companies and agents can’t and won’t take on a writer that just needs a little guidance. They want professionals and it’s understandable. I’m able to admit that I’m not yet a sound professional (at least, I don’t think I am… maybe I’m just too critical of my own work, but hey) but after working on this novel for as long as I have, I feel it’s at least publishable, even if not to the higher quality venues. Not to toot my own horn, but it’s not a completely bad book. I’d be lying if I said I believed in my own writing. I don’t. Simply put, I may enjoy what I write while I’m writing and rereading, but I don’t know what anyone else would think of it or if they’d even want it. With a small publisher, though, especially a newer one (by newer, I mean established within the last three to five years), I may be able to get some sound advice on my work, at least, and if they take it, I’ll learn something. If not, I might still learn something. Or am I completely wrong about all of this? Maybe I shouldn’t publish at all and should just enjoy writing for the love of writing, but it’s HERE, so why not try and publish it? It’s not doing anything but collecting cyber dust on my computer anyway.