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After having my work edited, I found out that it wasn’t as bad as I thought. The person who edited it said it was just a few repeated words and some misplaced punctuation, so maybe it’s not as bad as I thought. Or maybe it is and I’m just too blind to see it, although others (not family, even. Perfect strangers) have said my work was excellent… I don’t know. I’m just chicken when it comes to the big boys.

Thanks for all the information. After reading a bit more about it, Black Rose just seems like a new, inexperienced publishing house. Probably NOT the best place for my novels. Laurie Mclean (an agent with Larson Pomada) sent me a very nice rejection this morning (So yeah, I AM looking for agents, as James suggested. Thanks for that, man. I’m tired of being afraid to publish and I just don’t know what I’m doing well enough to push on without an agent.). It was rather lengthy, almost a full page, telling me to persevere and continue to try for the goals I set for my works. She quoted Joe Girard who says “Every no gets you closer to a yes.” It’s really the best and most helpful rejection I’ve received and I’m very grateful to her for it. She told me to use all my resources to my advantage… but I don’t really have any. I have no idea where to even start… writing queries and synopsis is fine, but I feel like I’m groping in the dark. I’ve enrolled in some online college courses to help me with what I think are my weak points, which I really can’t afford right now, but I can’t afford to continue writing without a bit of a refresher, I think. I’m considering putting publishing on hold for a while. I’m thinking of not attempting to publish anything until I’m done with my college courses. Being a hermit for nearly all my life hasn’t really helped me any either, and I’m starting to realize how small the world I’ve lived in is. I DON’T know anyone who can help me or give me any advice because I’m always at home, not connecting with people, not talking and putting myself out there. It’s been the same with publishing. Going small seemed like the right answer, but the more I look at the small publishers I can find, the more I’m convinced that silly little me will get in a tank with a shark and end up chewed to pieces. So, maybe in a year or so, I’ll be ready… or not. Maybe I never will be. Some of us are just meant to write because we feel the story and it must come out. Maybe my third novel isn’t the right one to publish first. And maybe, I’m just too inexperienced with business to make a lucrative pitch. Anyhow, I appreciate all the advice. Another person pmed me earlier to say Black Rose was very inexperienced… this person had reviewed one of their books last year or early this year and said it smacked of inexperience. I’m going to wait. Another time, perhaps. Thanks guys.