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ecoll – 2009-03-23 8:30 AM I agree with you. That’s why I’m looking there. It’s a publishing credit and they do sell books. Barnes and Noble does carry their titles, as does Amazon. I didn’t get anything back from Borders, but I only checked for a couple of titles there, not all, because my computer was running so slow yesterday. It doesn’t seem like a bad company, their website is very straightforward, pull no punches type stuff. They put it all out there, at least from what I can see. That doesn’t mean that IF I were to see a sample contract that I wouldn’t take it to my attorney for review because I would. I’m not completely dense. I’ll get the eye of a professional if it ever gets that far.

If your work is not top quality, you need to learn how to make it that way.  Buy or check out a simple grammar book and learn all you can about grammar.  Keep a dictionary close by and/or use your spell check. Pay careful attention to how other published writers structure their sentences, and pay attention to how yours read and sound.  Read all the books you can on writing as well.  Once your work is top quality, it’s ready to submit.

Traditional publishing houses, whether small press or big time, will not accept substandard work. The only ones who will are self publishing companies, because they accept anything, because the author pays them. 

As writers it’s important that we learn how to do our very best with our work, to strive for the type of quality we would want to read in another authors work.