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Mikala Engel

If your work isn’t professional quality, if it isn’t good enough for teh big boys, it isn’t good enough for the small boys, either. Small does not mean lower quality, it means smaller market.

I can’t emphasize this enough. It takes the same quality of work to get into a small publisher as a large one. The difference between books large publishers handle and the books small publishers handle isn’t quality, it’s market share. In other words, how many readers out there will likely be interested in buying the book. Small publishers demand the same quality of writing that big publishers demand. In fact, small publishers often demand a higher quality of writing. But small publishers take books that will draw a smaller market share, stories that do not appeal to the masses on a bestselling level.

Credits of this nature do not impress large publishers, and can actually harm you. Only sales numbers impress large publisher, and a book published by a very small publisher is higghly unlikely to have sales numbers that will impress anyone.

This is also why you need an agent. Agents are not intimidated by large publishers, and handle everything for you. An agent will place your book at the largest publisher who will accept it. All you have to do is write the book, and the agent does the rest.