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I am impressed with the acclaim and notoriety you were able to achieve for him. I hope that you will be willing to work with me towards comparable success for my 30,000-word novella Home for Christmas.

Not really the agent’s job. The agent’s job is to sell your work and negotiate as good a contract as possible.

While I believe my work to be well-structured and finely polished, I understand that there may be areas that need improvement that I have overlooked. I am willing to commit as much time and effort as necessary to have Home for Christmas meet the rigorous standards of your firm, as well as the industry.

In my opinion, you should never tell an agent that your work isn’t ready for publication. It’s a fair assumption that additional editing will take place but go in with the confidence that you have made this as good as you possibly can. If you haven’t, work on it some more.

And I always hate to bring this kind of thing up, but you may have difficulty finding agents who are willing to handle novella length works. They aren’t very sellable as very few publishers handle them. You might want to consider working on making it novel length. A good solid subplot for instance might make it a lot more sellable.