Re: RE: Clips



If you have clips, make a copy and send them in. If you don’t have clips, then you can’t send them in. If you think the editor reworded your article, if that’s what you’re saying, then it’s still your article. If it has your name on it, it’s yours. Never beg an editor. It only weakens their perception of you as a writer to the point that they will start to avoid you.

Most newspapers have an editorial page. You can be a guest columnist and write about current events in your city or stress an opionion about something that may help or hurt your city. If it gets published, you have a clip. It doesn’t matter whether you get paid or not, a clip is a clip. The same with magazines, start with those that pay nothing or very little. As you start to get published and your writing skills improve, you can work your way up to those that pay more.

Good luck with your writing. ~ Bob