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Elibet – 2007-12-03 3:18 PM

I was wondering just today what to send my great neices for their Christmas. I think you’ve just helped me sort that out. I’m going to write them each letters and tell them all about their mom when she was a little girl. They can share the letters with each other as I’ll give each a little piece of the story.

Thanks for the idea 🙂



That would make a WONDERFUL gift — more precious than anything you could buy. I’m glad I sparked the idea for you!

Now that I think of it, I guess I don’t receive many Christmas letters from people any more. It’s been my favorite tradition for years. I joke about them being “a crazy jumble of incoherent thoughts.” I try to make them informative and whacky at the same time — to keep it interesting. My husband gave out a copy to his coworkers last year, and one of them said she kept it in her desk drawer and pulled it out and read it any time work got her down, because it made her laugh and gave her day new perspective. It was shocking, really, because she doesn’t even know our family. And I thought I was just being goofy.