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I try to post at least once a week. Sometimes I do good and sometimes not so much. When I first started blogging 4 /5 years ago, I think, I posted my poetry and photographs only. I let it drag for a while, I use blogger and they had a change after a couple of years and my blog did not convert no matter how hard we both tried. I made a new one well more like sort of re-created it. I expanded out past my poetry and I’m filling more fulfilled with it. I write what I want, goofy, news, poetry, about writing, sometimes what I post may even be helpful to others. Weird things that may be going on are always interesting to post and once I think I even bragged or at least I almost did. Why not people will either read it or not.

A blog I believe should be for fun, therefore make it fun, if you are not having fun with it why are you doing it?

Money??? please, Fame??? please, please

But if you are making some famous money-keep up the good work and don’t let it fall into the chore category or else it will cause you stress and that my friends is a bad thing.