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I read this when you first posted and had a hard time with it. Now that you have read my post I think you’ll understand. No one truly knows the difficulty a woman faces when faced with the obsticle of leaving her abuser. Many things have to be done to protect yourself and the police are only there to give you the info, not to hold your hand. Even when they do get the courage to leave, they have been so beat down that most of them return feeling unworthy of another’s love. In most cases, the women are terrified and rightly so. To tap into the resorses the state provides is not hard, but availablity is limited. There are twice as many animal shelters in the US than women’s shelters. Then there is the problem of losing your children if you are unfortunate enough to be married to a rich man. Not only will he have the best lawyers, he has the best liers too. So if you leave, you better have a plan and you better not be found!

Now, as to your piece, you could easily combine other stories to make it a collection of memories of that professional. (as LT said.) You could also do some research to see if her escape was successful. How about including the impact all the years have had on you and what differences you have made with this knowledge?