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It is mostly metaphorical. Getting out more helps. I like to limit my interaction though. Too much of it tends to interfere with my fantasy world. As far as metaphorics go, (probably a made up word, but I give myself license) I don’t want to live in this mediocre apartment I live in for the rest of my life. Ownership is what the American Dream is supposed to be all about, though in a republic you do not technically own anything. Deeds and titles are all subject to King George, haha.

By the way, I have posted a sample chapter of a book I am working on in the forum. It is under skywriter and the title is:

OWN Prequel.

I am hoping to turn it into a lucrative series.

Anybody else here post on I would love to get your feedback on what I have in another day or two. I have just updated my chapters and will upload them for review. It is great to get honest and objective opinions!

Anyone willing to do a voluntary review of my work? Let me know if you will and I will review yours. Thanks!