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I’ll do that.

Actually, I’m a little concerned with posting it on anyhow. There is not much quality stuff there. I feel that the credibility of that site gets mired down by the abundance of low grade drafts there. Not that I am Twain or King or anything. But I recognize when someone is new to it like I was a couple of years ago. I don’t mind helping someone new to it. I actually enjoy doing that. Sometimes the test you have to take at the end is a bit ridiculous though. I spent at least an hour trying to edit this guy’s work once and couldn’t pass his test so my advice never even got posted. I like the idea of a readers group that would meet every month or two, but I’d have to start it myself since there isn’t one where I live. But I would prefer something online. I’m not the extroverted sort. Besides, I can’t imagine there being an overabundance of serious writers in this city. There are only about 25,000 people, a lot of factory work and stuff like that.