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It’s been a long week. I’m in San Francisco on a business trip for my boss. Jane, my boss, caught the flu at the last minute and asked me to take her place. I really didn’t want to go, but you know how it is when the boss asks you to do something. So, here I am approaching the airport to go home and I don’t have much time to spare. I hate running late. I certainy don’t want to miss my flight. Who knows when the next flight will be? My head is spinning because it takes so long to get through all the lines and security check points. National security. We’ll never go back to checking in five minutes before the plane takes off again. Those days are gone.

At the check-in counter, I’m trying to catch my breath when the flight attendant tells me that the flight is overbooked and they gave my seat away. However, there is one seat in First Class that’s available, do I want it? Of course, I want it! Well, this is working out just fine! It makes my day!

As I approach my seat on the plane, I notice that there’s a nice looking guy in the seat next to mine. Wait a minute…it can’t be..geez, I think it is. It’s Adam Gentry, lead singer of the Tactics. Now, I’m not one to plaster my bedroom walls with celebrities and rock stars, I’m too practical for that. I do attend a few concerts each year and will watch music specials on HBO, but I never thought I’d have to sit next to one of these musicians for 3 hours and try to be conversational. Oh-oh! My knees are starting to shake!

I’m now standing next to Adam Gentry and I put one of my carry-on bags on the floor while I reach up to stash my other bag in the overhead bin.

“Are you sitting here?”, he asks.

“Yes”, I reply trying not to stutter.

He steps out of his seat into the aisle and picks up my bag on the floor, “Do you want this up there too”?, he asks nodding to the overhead bin. I nod yes and slide into my seat next to the window. I push my purse under the seat in front of me and take out my novel.

“Since we’re going to be travelling together for 3 hours, my name is Adam, what’s yours?” I can’t believe it! He’s talking to me….wait…what’s my name?