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KarenRankowitz – 2007-08-04 8:43 PM

Bandito63 – 2007-08-04 4:06 AM Hi Karen, I have always tried to do my part when it comes to female breast exams. In fact, over the years, I have found several lumps in many ladies breasts. Fortunately, most of the lumps that I found were common fibroid tumors. Only one that I found was biopsied and had to be removed. Men should take a more active role in examining breasts, especially in the women they love. And don’t forget, men can get breast cancer, too – though not nearly as often. Bob


As much as I wish to post a funny comment to your post, cause you did have me chuckling a bit…

I have been told by others that this ‘form of examaination’ is great.

Gosh, that does sound strange.

Ok, all ‘pulling myself together’ aside, cause this does make me laugh…

Here is what I suggest…

every man who is not married should date often…and ..oh, nevermind

bob, are you a doctor?

Karen I had the same reaction…But, then you and I are the ones who say what everyone is thinking.

No jokes Bob, I think it’s great that you promote breast exam awareness.