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Hi Karen,

No, I’m not a doctor. I was a single male who enjoyed and appreciated the ladies. I have a tendency to care for people more than I probably should. I agree that single men and single women should get together and examine each other. At least, that’s the way we use to do it when I was single.

I started out in college working toward a Med Tech degree, then Pre Med, but I soon learned that a B S in Biology was more adaptable to a variety of work areas. Many years have passed, but I haven’t forgotten my medical training. I know that most people don’t know very much about their own bodies – so I try to help. I also know that women usually don’t do a monthly self breast exam, so it’s only right that their men should help them. One of our local OBGYNs told me several years ago, that many of the women who came in to have their breast checked, did so because their husbands or boyfriends had found a lump. Of course, women are much more informed now than they were a few years ago and mamograms are a regular part of any medical examination. Unfortunately, most men don’t take care of themselves as well as they should and they don’t go to the doctor as often as they should for routine examinations.

I know that you have concerns and I hope your “lefty” gets a clean bill of health. Best wishes for you. ~ Bob