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novembergal – 2007-08-03 6:32 PM

I second the motion!!!!

For those who haven’t had one in the past few years, but may have had one years ago, things have changed (at least where I have it done, and I believe at most clinics). The equipment isn’t so cold, and it is padded. To me, it is now virtually pain free (they don’t squeeze so hard, or maybe it’s the padding that makes it seem so). Do yourselves a favor, girls, and go get that mammogram.

Cancer hurts more than a mammogram.

I was shocked by the statistics (the number of women who have never had a mammogram and those diagonsed) – HUGE numbers here and some of those deaths could have been prevented (not all sadly) if detected early enough.

Be proactive and if you are over 40 or with a history of breast cancer in your family…go every year…have your mammogram done