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Thanks Karen and all for the Breast Cancer information. (Bob, I especially appreciate your encouragement to get the guys involved 🙂 ).

A couple of other ‘tips’. Self- (or peer-) exam is important in between annual mammos. I found doing it in the shower makes it easy to find bumps, but also laying down I find other bumps I can’t feel standing up. So try to both positions.

The second tip – keep copies of your mammos. I learned my lesson. I had a baseline done in early 2001 at age 29-almost-40. Then, we moved 400 miles away and I forgot to get my records. A pregnancy and nursing delayed the next mammo until age 44. When I tried to secure my records, the doc had retired and the hospital-based radiology clinic could not find them. Because I didn’t have my baseline, the techs and my doc got all schizzed out over all the lumps they saw in my left breastand rushed me to  breast doc. One of masses got biopsied – clean, thank Goddess – but there are several other specks that look suspicious, so now I get a mammo every six months.

Needless to say, it’s a worrisome ordeal waiting, but given the high success rates if CAUGHT EARLY AND TREATED, mammos and breast exams are necessary.

Most years, I walk (I used to run) in fund-raising events in October (Run for the Cure). I’ll be doing so again this year. I walk for my friend Cindy’s mother who died from breast cancer, from my friend and fellow graduate student Judith who died because, although smart and a public health professional, she was to oafraid to find out what the lump in her armpit was. I run for my dear friend Colleen who is a 9 year (!!!!) survivor. I run for my Nana who died from lupus but who had breast cancer as well. So I encourage y’all to do the same – plus, it’s great exercise.

Peace, Linda