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Britanee – 2007-08-03 10:26 PM

Though I am only 16, I too worry about breast health. A few months ago, I noticed a rather large lump in my right breast. I went in to have it checked out (we discovered it was a cyst, although a non cancerous one) and my doctor sent me to a specialist. I went to the mammogram doctor and they said since I was only 16, they can’t do a mammogram (I can’t tell you how relieved I was), so instead they did an ultrasound. A few weeks later I went back to my regular doctor to have the cyst drained (it was full of liquid, she said), boy was that a relief. No longer did it hurt me (because it was so large, it was extremely painful before it was drained), or worry me. My doctor said she thought the cyst was caused by me getting hit by something, or someone. I told her about getting hit with a weight training ball 6 ish months back. We agreed that my getting hit was probably the reason and that the cyst had kept growing over the months.

Even though the cyst was not a big deal, it was really an eye opener. All of the women in my family are more aware of their breast health too, so maybe it was a good thing it happened. I’m thankful that it wasn’t cancer and my family is too. Even though they don’t want to, they’re all going to go in for anual mammograms just to be sure.

So, that’s my bit. ~Brit

PS, If you havn’t had one in over a year, PLEASE schedule a mammo appointment. Going to one teeny tiny mammo appointment a year may save your life. 😀

I had a similar experience. After the birth of my first child, I discover a lump in my left breast. I passed it off for a month as dried milk since I had just giving birth. A few months passed and it was still there. I finally scheduled a doctor’s appointment. He did the ultrasound, draind it, and sent some of fluid for testing. That was the most scary wait of my life. Testing came back negative. Soon the lump disappeared. That too was an eye opener for me.

Karen, I hope all goes well for you.