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Kim Campbell

moko – 2006-07-27 3:23 AM ok, ok, I surrender! Have posted 2 poems already, & will post a short story (if I can ever make a decision about which one…never really happy with anything – hence why I continue to write & edit without submitting!) re the moko name, I find that really bizarre. It was actually just a name I plucked from the air, but strangely, sounds scarily like me. To add to the Twilight Zone, my name is usually spelt Gill but I spell it for strangers as Jill so nobody gets confused about how to pronounce it (I’ve heard all the Gilligan’s Island jokes I can stand!) Perhaps I should change my name to the Lizard Queen (I wonder if that would make people bow down before me, or would that only work on reptiles?) Thanks for the info there – I will be pondering this for days, no doubt, and it could even turn into an idea! (Love it when they come around unexpectedly!). Now, sit right back & you’ll hear a tale….

Whoa!  That’s some weird, wild stuff…

Hey, take the idea and run with it Gill!  If you write a book about the Lizard Queen and make millions, I’ll call you Your Lizardiness Worshipfulness Gilla Monster…or maybe just Gill…