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Oh Johnny, thanks for the laugh! You mo-fo.

Having said that, you’re right. He probably wouldn’t need to suck but what if it’s not just blood he wants to suck? Hmmm? Or what if he’s a she? Then you got a whole new range of problems.

Not to mention that a hairlip really isn’t considered attractive in most cultures. Makes finding victims that much harder. Course he could grow a moustache but do vampires grow facial hair? Lestat never had any facial hair. Edward doesn’t either from what I’ve seen of trailers. Bela Legosi’s Dracula didn’t.

Maybe he could get plastic surgery to correct the hairlip. But vampires heal quick so surgery wouldn’t work since his flesh would heal the moment the surgeon cut into him. Hmmm… Wouldn’t it be funny to write a passage about a vampire trying to deal with this problem.

I could talk about this all day and I’m not even in to vampires!


ps: Johnny? I know too.