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Like James, I always thought the best writers are those that dared and share. The secret of course is what to share and how much to share, but still. The best writers go there. It’s those who don’t do it right that are the problem…And you have to remember, even then, it’s an illusion. Personal is NOT always private or totally true. Cheapskate described it so well once, I wish I could find the thread, but it’s really just an exagerated snapshot, caricatures even. I may write about my life, but I’m not writing about ME. aack. We all think we know actors. If they’re any good, they get on the screen and seem to expose their very soul to us. They use pieces of their lives, draw on experiences to bring a sense of reality to their acting. But really, we know nothing about them, who they actually are in their private lives. It’s an illusion. Same with incredible writers. My blog is maybe 90% personal stories about my family and life. But if you really look, I don’t share anything important. Nothing truly revealing. I value my privacy. I tell people all the time–this stuff is true, except for the stuff that isn’t. If I wouldn’t share it with the lady at the grocery store, I won’t post it on my blog. And it’s not all true. The secret is if I can write something personal and MAKE you think it’s true and private. Then I’ve succeeded.