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My blog is, with a few exceptions, “open kimono,” but my life is pretty boring so I’m not worried about oversharing.

Having said that, I do refrain from posting about my friends and neighbors, unless I have their permission. Politics is another subject from which I steer clear. Because I openly share my faith on my blog, I tend to not write many things I might be thinking, but know in my heart are better left unsaid.

Although I’ve written about being frugal and some of the pain involved in bootstrapping a business, I don’t write so much anymore about my husband’s company and the struggles we’ve had financially to keep the thing afloat. Reason being that I wouldn’t want a Client prospect (or employee) to stumble across my blog and get the wrong impression that the company is unstable.

The safest stuff for me is writing about writing and family/personal humor.

Now that I think about it, I do keep my kimono belt tied a little tight.