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When writing about your personal life no matter what you expose, you are setting yourself up for ridicule and/or attracting those who prey on someone else’s vulnerability. But especially if you are going to expose ‘real life messes’ that you’ve experienced, which I believe most of have had our share of, you must brace yourself for the possible repercussions. Stephanie Klein for example holds nothing back in her blog and I love her for that. If I want to truly feel connected to another human being in a very humanizing-real-life kind of way, I read her blog. And it is like a personal diary, and her take on it is ‘hey, if you can relate, that’s fantastic, take the insight you can from it, and if not then don’t read it.’ She gets all sorts of different reactions from people, but I personally love that she is so real and that she doesn’t hold anything back. However, I do understand that not everyone wants or needs to open themselves up in that way publicly. It’s very understandable. But I think that those who are exposing a lot in their blogs are brave for doing so because of the fact that they are setting themselves up for being ridiculed. Maybe they don’t care. And I can clearly see how someone more reserved could look at people who don’t hold anything back like they are insane. Sometimes I think I’m a little insane for revealing as much as I did about my life in my memoir – once in awhile there will be a fleeting moment of “Holy ####, why did I do that?” But then I remember why I choose to and that feeling goes away. Perhaps some write for shock value, but I’d like to think that most people who choose to share their real life only want to make others feel more normal (whatever normal means).

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