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Blogging is an individual choice. I, for one, will probably never blog. That’s my choice – be it that I really do not feel like sharing my thoughts/feelings with strangers every day or every week, or because I just don’t have the desire. My personal life is private. My work life is not. The balance between the two is what keeps me sane.

And then there’s my writing. Writing is my hobby, a passion, a way to express myself and leave my mark on this world. Writing is not the way I support myself, but a way I keep everything balanced. Maybe, one day, I’ll become an author and publish a novel, or maybe I won’t. In any case, it’s a whole lotta fun. But I do a see a big difference between writing (a novel, article, short story) and writing a blog.

All my extra time and energy go into my writing – when on earth would I find time to blog?