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Susan – 2008-05-30 10:45 AM

Jamesaritchie – 2008-05-30 7:08 AM I think people worried about setting themselves up for ridicule should avoid becoming writers in the first place. “Oversharing” may bother some, but nothing on earth is as boring as a blog that undershares. If you’re afraid to share what you think, feel, believe, and experience, good and bad, then writing is a really odd choice of careers.

Well, wait a minute now- there is a BIG difference between writing a story/novel and writing a blog.  To me, some things are too personal to write on a blog, things that could ridicule or hurt another person, or things that are private to me.  This has nothing to do with quality of a writer, but everything to do with comfort zone.  Some poeple are okay with putting their relationship problems on a blog, or their sexual experiences or their scandals, unfavorable things about people, etc. etc.  Good for them. 

Heather, a memior is a different story all together.  You write a memior and you share all- that’s what they are about.  This type of writing has no comparison to a blog.  Anybody can write a blog and be “published.”  Not everybody can be successful with writing their memior.  Big difference. 

Undersharing can be boring as well- but, then again, boring is in the perception of the beholder.  James, I have found your blogs interesting, but I certainly don’t find anything scandelous about your family, or your personal affairs, etc.  You write your truth about writing.   But, you don’t jump into over sharing.  So, because you don’t write anything personal, does this mean you are undersharing? I don’t think so.

On the other hand, I will write honestly in my stories. Why? Because that is just what they are- fiction.  It’s there that I can take life experiences and write to my hearts content, write the nitty-girtty, work to make my stories as truthful as I can. There really is a big difference between writing a blog and writing fiction. 

I agree with you Susan, writing a story, novel, or a memoir is completely different than blogging. I personally like reading up close and personal blogs (like Stephanie Klein), and I also agree with the fact that everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to what they chose to read or write – but on that same note, I love reading about the mundane things in life, too. It all comes down to personal preference in the end. What one person could view as oversharing, another person wouldn’t flinch and vice versa.