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Well…I’m going to overshare. ‘Cause it’s just too delicious NOT to…

A lesson on sharing: there used to be a site called OpenDiary and a friend of a friend of a friend sent me an email, “hey…check this one out!” Along the lines of, snarf, giggle, snarf, here’s someone who’s really oversharing and we’re having a delightful twitter at her expense.

Except. The girl who was oversharing…turned out to be my estranged sister. And the topic of her oversharing? Yeah…her new career as an “exotic masseuse”!!!! Well…naturally, I overshared the oversharing with my aunt, who managed to overshare with the rest of the family, and there was probably a very interesting conversation over there with her mother. But by then, she’d learned how oversharing, even with a pseudonym, could come back to cause problems later, and the diary was killed.

No, I am NOT making this up. This Internet thing…very strange what’s right around the next click!