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Mikala Engel

Will writers who refuse to share in a blog share in their other writing? If not, then what’s the point of writing it? Writing is about the personal. You can’t just “make it up” and expect to have very much success.

It’s the very things most are afraid to write about, or embarrassed to write about, that need to be written about the most, and that make “better” writers, not technique.

Technique is the easy part, and most can master it in fairly short order. Go to any MFA class and you’ll find twenty writers who have technique down cold. Beautiful writing front to back. BUt almost none of them will go very far because they’re afraid of the personal. They’re afraid to reveal themselves. It’s having something worth saying, and the willingness to say it, that makes a “better writer,” not technique.

Most writer’s blogs out there have as much to say as the list of ingredients on a can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup. “I had such trouble getting any writing done last night,” or “Chapter nine is giving me fits,” of “I saw Dean Koontz at a convention yesterday!!!”

Read memoirs and autobigraphies of great writers, and odds are you’ll find all the warts, and reading about these warts, reading about who and what that person is, will make you a far better writer than all the technique in the world.

Not every blog entry needs to be intensely personal, and there’s seldom a need to name the innocent, but it’s who and what you are that matters, it’s the warts, the trials, the tribulations, and the willingness to share these with the public, that make you a “better writer.”

And trust me on this, if you have very much succes at writing, and you don’t share the scary stuff, someone else will share it for you.