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I read the whole story and was fascinated by it. I’ve not jumped into the world of blogging–only a work-related news blog that doesn’t have a personal blog feel to it.

I’m absolutely thrilled that the blogging thing didn’t come around when I was in my 20s and vulnerable and attention-craving and impressed with every sentence that flowed out of me. I would have made many, many mistakes. I’ve been known to over-share the old fashioned way (blabbing), and it’s cost me over the years.

I was particularly interested in her take on being a sort of celebrity because in her own gawker world, she was “known” and exposed to many people. As a magazine editor and writer, even with a local publication in a small city, even with no blog, I know the feeling. People I’ve never met talk to me as if they’ve known me for years, when really they’ve known my writing. I’ve had a one-way conversation with them that gives them (not me) a feeling of familiarity.

I think this feeling of familiarity is an occupational hazard. As writers and/or bloggers, if we’re going to expose ourselves (which we may have to do in order to express ourselves), we have to understand that what gets written outside our private diaries can and will be used by others to analyze, criticize, or in the gawker-blogger’s case, humiliate us.

Then if we get famous, some jerky relative like Nabokov’s son may choose to publish something we wanted to have burned, but that’s a different post…