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Many forums have a member list, but apparently this one doesn’t. But I really frown on the idea of non-members being able to post and/or send PMs. I’ve been on discussion boards since even before there WAS a World Wide Web and believe me I’ve seen enough creeps and trolls to fill the NYC phone book.
And that’s REGISTERED users too! I could tell you a few stories about nasty, foul-mouthed little sex-obsessed adolescents popping up out of nowhere and just deliberately causing headaches.

I figure that because this forum is kind of a “niche” website it doesn’t get the kind of people visiting it, as opposed to AOL and the like. And I hope it stays that way.

If an admin is reading this, I’d vote for no PMs or posts from non-members (if that isn’t already the case). Maybe a 48 hour period where a new registrant couldn’t post as well, which would eliminate a lot of brats who register, make their mischief, get banned and leave. After two days a lot of these people would simply forget that they registered in the first place and move on, and if they WERE serious about this place they could use that time to peruse the threads to get to know the place.

Jim, former forum moderator (other forums), site administrator, webmaster and site builder.