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Did Sherlock deprive me of running him off? So far, he hasn’t even opened my response to him. It makes me wonder, how did he sneak in? I wonder if it’s possible for a bot to infiltratre the forum with a spam type message.

My opinions now, are:
1) he wanted to stir curiosity, about who he was. The search for his identity would drive traffic to his web site.
2) someone’s wanting to build a suspense story.

The ID in the message section pulls from the log on ID. His log on had to be his name. I don’t know if our log on names can be changed instantly, or if it has to go through admin. If it happens instantly, he could have initiated a membership under one name, then changed it to another. After submitting his message, could have changed it back to the original. If that’s the case, he could still be lurking around the forum. What he doesn’t know, if he is still lurking, is that time does not erase. I was blessed with the elephant’s brain.

The member list you mentioned, Elizabeth, shows only the last 30 minutes. Had I known this yesterday morning, I could have zoomed in within that time frame. Since he doesn’t want to show his face again, I’m simply going to set this aside, for now.