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Gary and I were always competitive. In high school we competed for the same position on the football team; we competed for the same character in the school senior play; we even competed for the same cheerleaders. If we had nothing to compete for we would make something up just because it was how we were.
We maintained our friendship for forty-five years, always competing until one day it seemed as if we had run out of competitions or so I thought until the other night at a casual dinner. We were enjoying dinner at a local restaurant when our conversation had taken us back over the years and our silly competitions. As we laughed and joked about them, I noticed a gleam in Gary’s eyes.
“Okay, I’ve seen that look before. What have you got in mind this time?”
“I was just thinking,” he said. “I think there is one competition that has never been entered into by either of us. “
He had my attention. One competition we had missed? I racked my brain trying to jog my memory. Nothing came to mind.
“Ok, I’ll bite. What do you have in mind?”
Gary glanced around the restaurant as if he were about to divulge a national security secret and wanted no prying ears to hear what he was about to say. After the waiter had passed us, he leaned across the table, checking once more for prying ears, then, in a muffled whisper he said only one word.