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Bella and I decided to see who could go the longest without saying “are you kidding me.” Our latest favorite thing to say. Well for Bella it was only her second favorite next to “awesome” so things were a little weighted in her direction right off the bat. But here it is day two and neither of us has yet to utter the offending words. I almost lost when Jim played the theme song for the view for the fiftieth day in a row on the elevators but only got so far as “are you,” when I caught Bella’s glance over the shoulder. It would have been fifty dollars out of my weekly paycheck if I had said the full thing. Of course after a week and no loser we realized we were heading towards impasse. So we agreed it was a broken habit. Then it happened. Bella picked up her mail and when both of us saw the triple zero mistake on her tax check simultaneously we said .”Are you kidding me?” followed by one of Bella’s breathy, “awesome’s”