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I remember when I first met Dave’s mom, Nancy. Dave was a little guy, full of energy and a curiosity that I knew would be the death of me in the years to come.
I was wrong, we took turns over the years leading each other on journeys through computers, wood working and lots of chores around the house and had a great time.
When Dave asked me to be his best man, it said alot about our relationship over those years, and I thank you Dave, for this honor. I want you to know that I will always be here for you and Lucy, and of course, my grandchildren. In case you didn’t hear, yes, I said grandchildren!
I’m playing a dual role today as Best man, and also the husband of the groom’s mo. So I am finding it hard to separate my rolls and have decided, I really don’t want to, I love them both.
I was thinking about what I would say today, and I realized in my thoughts how important today is in the lives of Dave and Lucy, but also in our lives.
A few years ago, Nancy wrote a book, on the history of the Lauer Family. A book she felt was a well researched historical account. Today a new page has been added to the Lauer, Chinea, and Carter history book, and I believe we all know this new page will be happy, and exciting for us all, especially for Dave and Lucy. You two have a lot of living to do together. This page in history will be recorded for all future generation. Fill it wisely, because Dave, you know your mom is taking notes, for her next book!
So, I believe this is a good time to raise our glass and say Dave, Lucy, welcome to our families!