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It didn’t come as any surprise when Bill asked me to give the speech at his wedding. (The bride is his ex wife). Hell, Bill and I had known each other in high school over fifteen years ago. So it seemed a natural request to ask me to do the honors and speak. The big question was what to say.

Describing Bill’s character, his witty humor and romantic talents was easy enough. Who didn’t like such a person as Bill. In school he was the person you could count on. If you needed help with a project or homework, call Bill. He would never turn you down. After high school he was still there for you. Once my car broke down and I called him as I was desperate to get some help. Without a complaint or even a second thought, Bill showed up in twenty minutes all smiles with a ”No problem. Let’s get you out of here.“ attitude.

Yup, Bill was one of a kind. Even in college his I’m there if you need me friendship never faltered. Whether it was moving into a new apartment or cramming for an exam, Bill was there.

No, the problem wasn’t Bill. The problem was his fiancée is my ex wife.