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My dear friends, respectable elders,


Today, my friend has put me in an embarrassing situation of delivering a speech in his wedding. It is a rude shock to me. I am not used to public speaking. Anyhow I cannot ignore my friend’s legitimate wish.


Though we are friends and of the same age, I got married 7 years ago and now I have a son.Being the only son of my parents I was forced to get married at a very young age of 20, that was well below the marriage age stipulated by our government. But you had the responsibility of arranging the marriage of your three sisters. I know that you are an epitome of patience. I have no doubt that your marital life will be so smooth and you will be the happiest man in this world.


In our school and college days, you had always been jealous at me, just because I was the only son to my parents; I was a free bird and I had no responsibilities in my life just because I had no brothers and sisters; Dear friend I want to say something to you openly; just because I had no any sister or brother at my home, I had been a monopoly at home; enjoyed all alone; I had no competitors. Hence, when I got married, I could not adjust myself with my wife; I could not brook even the slightest manner of criticism; you are aware of all these things; just because of my adamant attitude, I had often quarreled with my wife and almost reached the point of no return, I mean I was about to divorce my wife within two years from the date of my marriage; but for your timely intervention and advice, I would have been a divorcee by this time.


You are such a nice friend and you are not in need of any advice in your life.


But I too have something for you by way of advice. As you used to say, for heaven’s sake don’t stop with just one child; have more children, at least two; If you stop with only one child , he will become yet another adamant fellow just like me.


Do you know that throughout my life I know only about friendship but I never know what is brotherhood or sisterhood; that is why I could not adjust with my wife and I had all sorts of troubles in my life.


That’s all, my friend. I am sorry that I had spoiled the joyous occasion your marriage  and your happy mood. But I felt that it was my duty to express my sincere thanks to you and I would not have had a better chance than this. My best wishes for your happy married life! All the best!