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The best piece of advice I ever received would have to be from my Dad. Back in my babysitting days, I had a certain in-law, who shall remain nameless, who liked to take advantage of me for free babysitting. Not that I didn’t enjoy my nieces, but a teenage girl needs free time, or she should be paid for her efforts. I’m sure it must have been one of those whiney moments that I was complaining about being taken advantage of when my Dad said, “You don’t have to babysit for her. You can always say no. Just remember, you’re always number 1. Always put yourself first. Nothing else matters if you’re not number 1 to yourself.” Ahh. My Dad was quite the sage.

The worst advice? Hmmm. I’m not sure if it was advice or poor direction. But here again my Dad is involved. My heart has always been more into art, music and writing, but I was told by both of my parents that you’ll never make money in any of those. They’re just hobbies, not something to pursue seriously, so you better major in something practical when you go to college. Something like Business Administration. Which I did. And you know what? It didn’t make me rich! I might as well have been an art major. If I’d followed my heart, and majored in something I was passionate about, maybe I’d be a lot happier now. I should have taken my Dad’s advice about considering myself number 1 and ignored the more “practical” advice he gave later.

All water under the bridge now. May my parents rest in peace.