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You said:
Hey People…I started writing a book that is intended to be kind of light-hearted/humerous chick flick type I guess you could say? But guys please have a read too! LOL! Would love some feedback and honest answers..would anyone be curious to keep reading? Or is it completely boring and missing the mark? Have never written a novel before. Appreciate your comments & Have a fab weekend!

Here are my comments: Don’t ask for comments and honest feedback if all you want is a big slap on the back.
It takes a lot of time to read and comment on such a lengthy piece. Why would anyone waste their precious
time on something the author has no intention of considering? Or responds to with venom?

It seems to me that the first thing you may need to learn is that writing is extremely hard work. You are not
going to pump out a novel in the first or second attempt. It will take tons of editing and dozens of rewrites
and even then it still has to excel far above the hundreds of thousands of novels submitted to publishers
every year. And if you think Maia is tough she’s a kitten compared to the editors your novel has to get passed
to be published.

As to the posted piece, I agree with Jeff:You have some funny material and
observations here, and some good lines. And that Maia and Neets have given
you some great feedback.

My sincere advice to you is to go back and read what she said.
Do what she and Neets suggest then repost your story for critique.