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Gee I must have been musing about the time you were struggling with the writer’s block THING.  I hope you like my little ditty – It was taylor made for you right now and for others of us later. LOL

Writer’s Block(Hidden Potential)

I am so tired of having everything writers experience of a negative nature always being blamed on me.  I am not the enemy, I am here because you – the writer – chose to relax or sleep your writing off.  You know the old adage: If you snooze – you know it, why should I repeat it.

Can I help it if your creative juices headed south or that you got a lazy streak in you and refused to do a few writers prompts to get you up and going once more?

The new politically correct name I choose to be called is “Hidden Potential”.  I am here; you just don’t put yourself and me to work.  You would rather sit back and let others write large circles around us. 

We could really get something going if you would just put me together with an old partner of mine and yours: Imagination.  He has been neglected and sometimes gets a bad rap too.  We are tools – so use us.


So instead of sitting there staring at your four walls, why not get up and go outside and experience a few things in life and then tell about them.  Sounds like a novel idea to me! 

Where eagles fly and we could too,


{ALL IN THE SPIRIT OF AMUSEMENT – Life is too short to be taken seriously – so we thought.}