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riverstone – 2006-12-29 6:15 PM

I have all my files stored on google docs.  I can access it from any computer, just like my yahoo email, but I can make folders and have more space.

I’m in a bit of a different situation than most.  If our rig (God forbid) gets into an accident, my computer and any kind of flash drive will probably be lost for good. This way I don’t have to worry about it.  Also, I can edit my work and have someone else edit without having to send attachments back and forth.

There is also a very friendly spreadsheet into which you can enter all of your research for each project to keep it organized and available.

It’s free.  It’s easy.  It’s a good thing.  Riv

I just checked out the google docs and signed up. I like the idea of not only being able to access my documents from other computers, but edit them too. I don’t travel much, although my partner is in the process of becoming a big rig driver and your life is sounding rather romantic… open road and new adventures every day… maybe I should be thinking about riding along 🙂
~ Frances